The Wood Colony Tree in a winter sunset.

First walnut tree planted in Stanislaus County. Planted in 1904, it is now over 100 years old. Largest walnut tree in Stanislaus County. Considered to be the largest walnut tree in the state of California. Measurements of this tree: Over 100 feet tall & 28 feet in circumference.


As a third generation California farmer, it has been my desire to provide the same high quality walnuts directly to you the consumer; that we enjoy in our home. The walnuts we sell are produced only by our family, and are an excellent heart healthy snack and food product. Enjoy them plain, with other foods or as a tasty snack in a variety of flavors.

I invite you to explore our site, learn about our family history, the Wood Colony area and be sure to order our products. Paul Wenger

Paul Wenger